Macau Entrepreneurship Entering Alibaba and Tencent

Release date:2017/07/24
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      The "Macau Entrepreneurship Entering Alibaba and Tencent" group sponsored by the Coordination Department of the Macao Liaison Office, the Tencent Da Yue Network Co-organizer, the People's Republic of China and the City University, left for Shenzhen (June 12, 2017) to visit Tencent. And Alibaba and other technology companies, exchange ideas with local Youth entrepreneurial team. The vice president of the association, Cai Yaokun, attended the event on behalf of the Association of Science and Technology. He said that the two major technology giants in the Mainland have gained a lot of inspiration, but the entrepreneurial environment in Shenzhen and Macao is not the same. Therefore, the entrepreneurial experience cannot be directly copied. Advantages, identify potential opportunities and markets in the era of digital transformation, and solve the unique pain points of consumers everywhere.