Wi-Fi GUIDE in the Outland District, Visit the Taipa to Usher in the era of Wireless Networks

Release date:2017/07/24
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       Wi-Fi GUIDE is in the Outland District! Macau International Industrial Technology Development Association Phase III - Wi-Fi GUIDE in Outland District will be staged in mid-June, covering the back street of Guanye. At that time, merchants, passengers and residents of Taipa will have a stable and convenient public wireless network. No need to worry about the traffic is not enough, just open Wi-Fi, search - WIFIGUIDE.MO-, click on the login to use; provide the electronic payment network foundation for merchants, drain the back street, improve the business environment.


With the advent of the "Internet +" era, in more social areas, including transportation, energy penetration, smart grids, smart cities, etc., it provides a good resource for Macao to accelerate the development of information, and also for the construction of smart cities, Enhance the city's comprehensive competitiveness and solve urban development problems. Macao developed rapidly under the tide of smart cities. With the development of the SAR government, the Association of Science and Technology launched the Wi-Fi Street-WIFIGUIDE project and successfully launched the first phase of the North District Wi-Fi Street, the second phase - the Central South District Wi-Fi Street, and since its inception, two streets have recorded 2.6 million logins.


      At the same time, the first support project of the WIFIGUIDE platform will be launched this month. It will install Android interactive electronic devices for shops along the Wi-Fi Street. Based on Wi-Fi Street, video playback and photo display will be carried out with interactive electronic devices. Social platform interaction, mobile phone charging, etc., to disseminate Macao's cultural, social, economic, educational, scientific and other related information, change the traditional corporate propaganda model, and promote Macao's SMEs and culture to all parts of the mainland, set up Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District Bridge; at the same time, provide developers with another traffic interface to create more possibilities.

      Wi-Fi Street-WIFIGUIDE project is located in the three districts, frequent commercial streets, creating tourism, information, technology and theme streets, building public free wireless networks, building a network foundation for the development of e-commerce for SMEs, and supporting its online and offline linkage promotion; Provide a soft incubation platform for young innovative entrepreneurs to accelerate the incubation and dissemination of projects; provide convenient electronic payment terms for passengers and residents to realize urban intelligence; provide big data and analysis for the government and various departments to help them formulate policy guidelines Use data to manage cities and promote social development with scientific methods.


The Macau International Industrial Technology Development Association said that the network will build a “smart city” in information technology. The construction of a smart city in Macau requires the joint efforts of all sectors of society. It is expected that merchants, small and medium-sized enterprises and young entrepreneurs can seek more through WIFIGUIDE. Multi-resources and opportunities to jointly build a new network of Macao networks and promote social and economic development.