Macau International Industrial Technology Development Association Visit the Post and Telecommunications Bureau to Discuss Public Free Wi-Fi Construction Together

Release date:2017/03/30
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      Li CaiHong, President of the Macau International Technology Industrial Development Association, vist the Macau Post and Telecommunications Bureau(March 21, 2017) to introduce the Wi-Fi Street-Wi-Fi GUIDE project to discuss the future development of public free wireless Internet construction.

      Mr. Liu Huiming, the Director of the Post and Telecommunications Bureau said that under the condition of the current laws and regulations, the Post and Telecommunications Bureau has an open attitude towards the establishment of public free wireless networks for the Macao society by private organizations or associations, and supports the cooperation between the government and social organizations to jointly develop public free Wi-Fi. Serving tourists and facilitating residents. 

      President of the Association of Industry and Industry Li Caihong introduced the Wi-Fi Street plan and stated that the goal of the plan is not to provide Wi-Fi services only to users, but to use this service as a guide to build tourism, information, technology and theme streets, and strengthen commercial areas. Network infrastructure to facilitate passengers and residents to use electronic payment tools, support enterprises to carry out online and offline linkage promotion, provide e-commerce creation conditions for SMEs; expect Wi-Fi Street and WIFIGO, and other public free Wi-Fi providers Cooperation, build a new network of shared networks, and promote the construction of smart cities in Macau.

      Zhou Wangan, Chairman of Macau International Technology Industrial Development Association, introduced the WIFIGUIDE platform construction objectives to the participants, built the YPORTAL common window platform, shared the shared data platform and YLAB entrepreneurial trial platform, and finally provided the YEGG startup incubation platform for young entrepreneurs. Innovators set up contact channels with Wi-Fi Street users, taking Macao as a new starting point and attracting outstanding projects from surrounding areas. It is hoped that young people can seek more resources and opportunities through WIFIGUIDE to build a Macao technology display platform and promote social economy.

      At the meeting, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on how to carry out Wi-Fi service provision work, cooperation in large database resources, and promotion of SMEs, and hoped for further cooperation in the future to jointly promote the construction of Macao's public Internet.

      Also attending the meeting were Tan Yunyi, Deputy Director of the Post and Telecommunications Bureau, Liang Wei, Director of the Information Technology Development and Resource Management Department, Li Guangliang, Acting Director of the Information Technology Development Office, Zhou Jiajun, Vice Chairman of the Macao International Technology Industry Development Association, Cai Yaokun, and Vice Chairman Liang Bingchao Director Li Shuzhen.