Macau International Technology Industrial Development Association Enters the Polytechnic university to Share the Society Experience

Release date:2017/03/23
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       In order to guide the graduates of Macao's colleges and universities and young scientific research personnel to clearly define their future development direction, Macau International Technology Industrial Development Association (March 15, 2017) and Macao Polytechnic Institute of Management Science and Higher Education teamed up to enter the campus, the same A group of teachers and students in the e-commerce department share experiences.

      Dr. Cai Guoquan, President of the School of Management Science and Technology, said in his welcome speech that he was very pleased to invite a group of entrepreneurs and technology industry elites from the Association of Science and Technology to share their experiences and help students in the e-commerce department. Better plan for future directions.

      Li Caihong, president of the Macau International Technology Industrial Development Association, shared more than 20 years of business experience in the business community, analyzing market development and current environmental advantages, making college students who are about to graduate and join the society more clearly understand their future, and are enlightened by their commitment to social work or entrepreneurship. Guidelines; more specifically, Macau is in the stage of diversified development, focusing on building smart cities, accelerating the development of e-commerce and technology industries, and catering to the international development trend. This is an opportunity and a challenge. I hope that everyone will seize the opportunity; and encourage young people to move up. Flow and actively participate in social activities.

      Later, Zhou Wangan, chairman of the Macau International Technology Industrial Development Association, introduced the Wi-Fi Street of the Association of Industry and Commerce in detail, saying that the purpose of the plan was to create a theme street in Macau, to build a public free wireless network and promote the development of e-commerce. The Wi-Fi Street in the North District and the Wi-Fi Street in the Central South District have been completed. Since its launch, more than 1.3 million passengers have been registered for use; the Wi-Fi Street construction in the Outlying Islands has been launched and is expected to be completed in April this year. Wi-Fi Street will be upgraded to WIFIGUIDE, YPORTAL common window platform will be built, YDB will share the shared data platform, YLAB entrepreneurial trial platform, and finally provide YEGG startup incubation platform for young innovative entrepreneurs. It is hoped that young people can seek more resources through WIFIGUIDE. With opportunities.

      Liao Zhuoran, vice president of the Macau International Technology Industrial Development Association, shared his entrepreneurial process. Starting from his own experience, students who indicated that entrepreneurship should participate in social activities, communicate with the community, learn from experience, learn how to get along with others, and pay attention to team building. To set the strengths of all parties and to expand the future of the company. Director Huang Jinwen introduced the development history of his company, saying that entrepreneurship can learn from others' strengths and develop self-advantages; participate in related entrepreneurial competitions and learn from experience, and benefit greatly; and encourage young people to express their ideas boldly with their own experience. .

      After the meeting, the students attending the event exchanged ideas with the participants, indicating that the lectures helped them understand more social information, better assisted them in grasping development opportunities, and using existing resources to lay the foundation for future development.

      The attendees of the event were Dr. Cai Guoquan, President of the School of Management Science of the Macau Polytechnic Institute, Dr. Liang Shuzheng, Director of the E-Commerce Course, Dr. Chen Jiaxian, Associate Professor, Professor Liang Yongsheng, Li Caihong, Chairman of the Macao International Science and Technology Industry Development Association, Chairman Zhou Wangan, Vice President Cai Yaokun, Liao Zhuoran, and director Huang Jinwen.