Macau International Technology Industrial Development Association visit Macao Computer Society

Release date:2017/03/17
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      In order to jointly promote the science and technology industry and youth development in Macao, the Macao Industrial International Technology Development Association visited the Macao Computer Society and conducted friendly exchanges recently (March 14, 2017).

     The president of the Computer Society, You Sheng, expressed his warm welcome to the arrival of the Association of Science and Technology and introduced the purpose and situation of the Society. The Chairman of the Board, Mr. Chen Yongjian, explained in detail to the participants the activities and regular competitions organized by the Society, such as Macau Information Technology. Creative contest and APICTA.

     Zhou Wangan, chairman of the Macao Industrial International Technology Development Association, gave a detailed explanation on the Wi-Fi Street-WIFIGUIDE project during the talks. In particular, the plan is to build a public free wireless network in Macau, promote the development of e-commerce, integrate social resources, and innovate for the youth. Entrepreneurs provide an incubation platform. It is planned to complete the infrastructure work in the three districts in mid-April this year. For the project, the Macao Computer Society recognized the participants and gave valuable experience and opinions.

      At the meeting, the two sessions conducted in-depth discussions on how to promote the activation of the IT technology industry, attract more local young people to enter the industry, develop the Macao electronic sales model, and reach preliminary cooperation intentions to provide supporting courses for young people.

     Also present at the event were Cai Yaokun, vice president of the Macao Industrial International Technology Development Association, Zhao Weifa, vice chairman, director Li Shuzhen, Li Xiangkun, deputy secretary general of the Macao Computer Society, Wu Weiwen, vice chairman, Fan Yanna, vice chairman, and director Chen Yuanming.